snsorkelingwebVisitors and residents have come to the Islands for over a century for the Lake experience: boating, fishing, swimming, ice skating in winter and enjoying the peace and quiet all year round. Tourist-related businesses take advantage of the beauty of Lake Champlain, as well as centuries of history and a world-class geological formation.

Islanders own elegant inns and B&B’s as well as RV parks and campgrounds. Restaurants in the Islands feature locally grown foods to please any localvore.

The Islands also have great historical significance: Isle La Motte is home to the oldest fossils in the world where coral first appears. It is also where Samuel de Champlain landed in 1609 when he entered the Lake that would bear his name. The Rutland Railroad ran through the Islands until the 1950’s; the remaining causeway has been turned into a world-class bike trail called The Island Line.

Itineraries to enjoy include biking and kayaking throughout the Islands, wine and brew tastings, concerts and farmers markets that draw local friends and families out and visitors to the area to support the local economy.