1st Weekend in the Islands Festival this Saturday and Sunday

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Oct 08, 2021


The first-ever Weekend in the Islands will be happening in South Hero on October 9th and 10th.  Businesses all over South Hero will open their doors offering special deals on products and activities for adults and families.

The idea for the festival came from the mind of Michele Gammal, South Hero Planning Commission member, and co-owner of Keeler Bay Marina.  After watching the devastating effects of the pandemic on small businesses in the islands she wanted to do something to help.  When Christmas came around she resolved to do as much shopping as possible in her own backyard and was pleasantly surprised at just how easy that task was.  The more she shopped, the more she realized how much was here, and the more she reflected on how miscast the islands were as a summer vacation destination.  Resolving to do something about this she set out to create an event that would highlight local businesses as we head into the winter.  She gathered volunteers, recruited businesses, twisted a few arms, and Weekend in the Islands was born.

While the event is limited to South Hero this year, Gammal hopes to expand in the coming years and deliberately picked a name that would communicate that intent.  Getting the festival off the ground involved many volunteer hours and limiting the scope in the first year was a practical matter.  

Gammal and festival volunteers will be manning a tent at the South Hero fire station with maps on Saturday and Sunday.  If you want to skip the tent and jump right in, a digital version of the map is available on the festival website weekendintheislands.org.  The Island Line app from LCIEDC has created a special section dedicated to the festival including all the sites and active directions to each, you can get the app or upgrade to the latest version at theislandline.com


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