Happy Bird Poultry Farm

568 Main St , Isle La Motte

Our chickens arrive at our farm as day old chicks. They roam the yard scratching and pecking grass, soil and bugs during the day. Overnight and in the very early morning hours they are closed in the barn with pelletized all natural grain. The chicks are secured in the barn overnight which protects them from the many natural predators we have (Fox, Raccoon, Weasels, etc) This also allows me to sleep much better knowing we've done our best to protect them! During the day they roam inside or out at their will. After they have grown to a marketable size we "process" them in our on farm Vermont Department of Agriculture inspected slaughterhouse. Our finished birds are 6-8 weeks old and weigh from 4+/- to the occasional 7 pounder. Our average chicken weighs about 4.5 pounds oven ready. All of our birds are sold frozen. We choose to do this because we feel you get the freshest chicken possible. ‚ÄčOther farms process their chickens and take them to the market fresh or hold them over the weekend to offer the option of a never frozen bird, then after a day or more freeze them. To our way of thinking freezing all of our chickens before selling them provides you with a more consistently fresh product. Allowing you more "holding" days if your plans to cook change last minute, as ours regularly do.

Our Vision

A Grand Isle County that is a healthy, safe, and prosperous place to live and work.

Our Mission

Promoting economic opportunity and improving the quality of life in Grand Isle County

Our Contacts

3501 US Route 2,
North Hero, VT 05474

P.O. Box 213,
North Hero, VT 05474

(802) 372-8400