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Victoria's Cafe
South Hero
(802) 372-6262

Thai and American Cuisine. Delicious Thai favorites and some of the more exotic dishes from the many regions of Thailand, all prepared with fresh ingredients, from scratch! After leaving Thailand as an experienced Thai chef, Kae spent ten years at restaurants in America, learning to create some of the best American dishes.

Name Town Phone
Blue Paddle Bistro South Hero (802) 372-4819
Blue Paddle on the Bay South Hero (802)-378-5196
Kraemer & Kin Alburghh (802) 796-3586
Lola's Latin Kitchen South Hero (802) 378-5759
McKee's island Pub & Pizza South Hero (802) 372-5454
Pan's Pizza South Hero (802) 372-4729
Ruthcliffe Lodge & Restaurant Isle La Motte (802) 928-3200
The North Hero House Inn & Restaurant North Hero (802) 372-4732
Wally's Place South Hero (802) 372-4666