GIAW--ZACK-CAFE-webMost businesses in the Islands are owned by the person at the counter, on the phone, or behind the desk. Our businesses specialize in hospitality, professional services from law to accounting, computer and web development, real estate and insurance, as well as retail and agriculture. Construction, plumbing and electrical contractors serve local and regional customers. The Islands host a bank, credit union and two pharmacies.

The creative economy has sparked arts-related businesses and new performance spaces in every corner of the Islands. Artists and crafters have found inspiration in the beauty of the Islands, and made successful businesses. Jewelers, painters, fine furniture makers, stained glass makers and fiber artists show their work in galleries, storefronts, and host art shows.

Several galleries showcase the work of artists and crafters and hold classes and workshops for the public. The Islands Center at Knight Point State Park and Island Arts both present concerts, a car show, fireworks and Shakespeare each summer.

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